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Our Services

Genetic counseling for existing diagnoses, understanding genetic test results, or analyzing family history of disease

You are aware of a family history of a genetic disease, and wish to learn more about your risk of inheriting it or passing it on, or you have received genetic testing results and need a genetic counselor’s help understanding the results. 

These appointments involve genetic counseling only and do not require a physician referral, though we may ask for your medical or family history.

Carrier testing

You or your partner are pregnant or planning to become pregnant and wish to know if you have a variant in your genes that could be passed on as a genetic disease to your child.

These appointments require that you, your partner, or both individuals have a cheek swab collected to be sent off for genetic testing. You do not need a referral for this type of appointment, which will take place with a genetic counselor.

Pharmacogenetic testing

You wish to know whether you have variants in your genes that can affect how effective certain medications might be for you. Drugs with pharmacogenetic linkages include antidepressants, pain medications, blood thinners, certain chemotherapy drugs, and many other common medications.

These appointments do not need a referral and are held with a genetic counselor. A cheek swab will be collected for sequencing during the appointment.

Disease risk testing

You have a family history of disease or wish to know your risk for developing certain diseases that can be detected through genetic testing, such as cancer, heart disease, certain autoimmune disorders, and more.

A physician referral is recommended for these appointments, as well as a copy of your medical history. A cheek swab will be collected during the appointment, and we may request that close family members such as parents or grandparents participate in testing as well. This helps us determine to what extent a genetic risk for disease is present.

Rare disease diagnosis

You or a family member suffer from an undiagnosed or a misdiagnosed disease that your medical team believes may have a genetic cause. 

A physician referral is required for these appointments, as well as information about your or your family member’s medical history. Depending on the symptoms described, this type of appointment may take place with a medical geneticist and/ors a genetic counselor.

A cheek swab or blood draw may be required, depending on the type of test that is appropriate. In some cases, whole genome sequencing may be the most accurate diagnostic test, which requires a blood draw. Blood draws are collected in-house at the clinic.

Elective genomic testing

You are proactive about your health and interested in gaining a better understanding of current medical problems, getting information about future disease risks to guide preventative healthcare decisions, or wishing to fill in gaps in family history.

This type of test involves whole genome sequencing. Though a physician referral is not required for elective testing, your medical and family history may be requested. This type of test must be done by a blood draw, which we provide in-house at the clinic.