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Why might I refer a patient?

Your patient may have a medical condition that has eluded diagnosis despite considerable effort, and you believe that this condition may have an underlying genetic cause. In some cases, genetic testing may be a useful tool to find the answer. Using this technology to achieve a diagnosis is the focus of the Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine.

What types of patients would benefit from sequencing?

We have found that testing is useful for patients with rare inherited disorders or with complex clinical presentations lacking a clear diagnosis. Some of the more common symptoms seen in patients at the Smith Family Clinic include, but aren’t limited to:

• Unexplained developmental delay or intellectual disability

• Neurological (seizures, epilepsy, poor muscle tone, neuropathy, myopathy, etc)

• Immune deficiency

• Unexplained heart abnormalities or disease

• Other unexplained physical symptoms

What genetic information can I share with my patients?

Our genetic counselors have put this slideshow together to help you discuss genetic information with your patient:  Genomics and Your Patients.

How do I send a patient to the Clinic?

Click the button “contact us” and fill out your information. The information will be sent to our Operations Administrator who will contact you.

A patient consult may also be faxed to our clinic at 256-327-9699.

Please include name and contact information for both the consulting physician and the potential patient as well as the primary indication for consult.