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Some of the special features:

The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine is the first clinic in the world opened solely to practice genomic medicine. In the clinic, extra touches in design and function make patients and their families feel valued. We believe that even though their condition is undiagnosed and may not be common, it is important to find answers for them in a setting that is comfortable.

Clinic Waiting Room
• Flooring is non-porous, antibacterial, both beautiful and functional
• Small play area with toys, movies
• Lactation room — Some of the families who come to the clinic with their sick child already have other small children. Provides privacy and a sense of welcome for everyone.

Patient Hallway
• The extra-wide hallway would allow two large wheelchairs to pass abreast
• The area to discuss finances provides privacy and confidentiality

Triage Room
• Height, weight, and head circumference measurements
• Wheelchair accessible scales
• Infant examination table is an infant scale with the pull-out device to measure the baby
• Stadiometer
• Multiple chairs and a lot of space to accommodate family members, strollers, wheelchairs

Exam and Consult Rooms
• Video conferencing capacity
• Large rooms can accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, multiple family members

• Multi-use space that can seat a large number of people and furniture that can be arranged in a variety of formats.
• Large families can use the room for discussions and genetic counseling
• Space may also be used for teaching and training of healthcare providers and trainees.
• In person or via distance education

• A phlebotomist can be on site when needed so the patient won’t have to travel to the lab at the hospital.

Conference Room
• May also serve as an additional workspace for students observing and training in the clinic
• Audio/visual equipment and server